WAKE THE F**K UP AMERICA: They’re on the same team, The Purple Team

Team Purple

Option 1

College: “Hey Timmy, I know you’re 17 and have NO clue as to what you want to do for the rest of your life, but if you want to be “successful”, you’re going to need to go this route. While going this route doesn’t guarantee success, it does have a guarantee. Your guarantee is that you will be giving all the debt you need to ensure you start out your adult life owing tens of thousands of dollars (or hundreds of thousands) to Team Purple. Oh, and don’t worry that you may become a part of a large percentage of kids who never finish college (or never use their degree), you will still get to keep your debt. And if you are ever in a bind, no need to worry, the debt is unforgivable so it won’t abandon you; it’s the financial herpes and it stays with you for life.”

Option 2

Military: This was my route and while I love that I did it and it’s served its purpose for me, it’s still a part of the Team Purple System.

Option 3

Blue Collar Worker: “If college and/or the military aren’t for you, you’re in luck. We need people that know how to take commands, can operate like a machine and don’t ask questions. It’s easy work and it pays ‘well’ especially considering you don’t have a college degree. Don’t worry there is room for growth with our company.”



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