I don’t know where to begin, so I will start with a question.

Will this be the interview that starts the avalanche? If so, I vote both Joe Rogan and Dr. Peter Mccullough for TIME Person(s) of the Year.

In July 2020 I posted my first article on Medium. I wrote this article because my intuition was telling me something wasn’t right and I wanted to put a stake in the ground. While I felt something wasn’t right, I could not have imagined things going the way they have gone. It’s unbelievably how POWER driven & MONEY hungry our leaders/corporations are today. It’s not just the corporations, it’s our ELECTED politicians… BOTH RED AND BLUE…… (see my WAKE THE F**K UP AMERICA: They’re on the same team, The Purple Team article.

*Note: when I use the word “influencer” I’m referring to anyone who has an influence, or has the capability to get their message to a large number of people/a group of population.

OPEN YOUR EYES, it’s not their truth, it’s there sponsor/job/contract that is controlling what they can/can’t say.

What I find to be the most unsettling piece of this is the fact that we have SO MANY people of influence who have become another COG in the system; not only a COG, but a COG with influence of millions. That’s millions of people taking their words as scripture, truth. [I believe] the mass majority of the current influencers livelihood depends upon the products/brands they “support”, and that creates a conflict of interest.

The more money we make, the more we need. We have to keep keeping up with the Jones’. “It doesn’t matter if my SPONSOR/this company is selling a product I try to not give my children, the money is worth it.”

It doesn’t matter that, for the 7 years leading up to your “big break” you only made $70k/year, now that you’re making $3million a year, you need that extra $200k. The product could be shit, but as long as the check clears you don’t have a problem. I believe there are only a small percentage of influencers who aren’t solely driven by $$$$.

I digress… With all this said, just watch the JOE ROGAN interview with Dr. Peter A. McCullough. Be willing to see things differently (I wrote on this very thing, “…the willingness to see things differently”). I believe if we put more focus on our “INTENTION into ATTENTION”, which takes THE WILLINGNESS TO SEE THINGS DIFFERENTLY, we would see change.

I hope that what Dr. McCullough has done is push the first domino over. He believes there are only around 500 doctors [out of the 1 million] in the country who “GET IT”. But, the question I have had [he also mentioned it in the podcast], how many doctors/NP/PA “don’t get it” vs “get it, but just do as they are told”? BOTH are dangerous AF.

What other vaccine do we take that does not PREVENT what it’s intended for? This is a therapeutic, not a vaccine. And the way our government is PUSHING it down our throat is creepy AF. What else have they ever given us for FREE and at the same time also being adamant we do it, while also making it easy to get? What else? Follow the money and we will learn a lot.

The War on Covid is Government’s new War on Drugs….

I want to end by saying, I have no problem with anyone choosing to do what they feel will make them safe. My problem is with our Government mandating something that is NOT proven and has no long-term studies. So, if you are a person who is drinking the kool-aid, I have a question for you-

What [if any] information would you need to see that would change/evolve your view/opinion on this topic? (comment w/ answer)




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